What you need to known about Startups and Silicon Valley

Should startups get funding or bootstraps?

Startups of a new business often have two options when they begin building their businesses. The two options are either obtaining funds from investors who raise money for their business or bootstrapping their new businesses. The best option is choosing to get funds from investors rather than bootstrapping. This is due to the following reasons;

Misconception of startups being small business

Many people usually misinterpret startups to be the same as small businesses of which they aren’t the same at all. This misconception makes people to decide bootstrapping startups. Small business targets a small population of people while startups target building a range of customers. Venture capitalists invest in startups and not small businesses so startups need to raise fund and not bootstrapping.

Startups need to move quick

Startups involve big opportunities, big ideas which all need quick move. This quick move needs capital calling need for raising funds. Startups require company building which works and move in a progression to ensure no stuck in building up for customers.

Minding the quality of the next level

Whichever level you are working on, your target should always be improving the quality of the next level. This can only be effective by getting funds to invest on your business as the investors will need their money back soon at higher value.


Startup level needs to obtain funds from investors and most of them are expecting huge returns after sometimes as they believe on startup strategies. You should present your ideas and raising capital to build belief in yourself.

Is it still smart to move to Silicon Valley?

Yes it is still smart to move to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has interesting opportunities in the world of technology. This makes it to be known all over the world. Many companies from all corners of the world are based out of Silicon Valley. You should consider some factors before deciding to visit the area. Some of these factors include;

Silicon Valley hosts the headquarters of greatest companies like apple, Intel Hp and others which offer employment opportunities to many people in the world. It consists of startups which receive funding from venture capitalists.

Apart from employment opportunities, Silicon Valley is the savviest place for raising children in United States. It has no or very small crime rate which makes you to trust on it. Silicon Valley has a warm, sunny days making the weather of the area amazing and favorable for people running away from frigid and chilly winters. The area experiences Mediterranean weather with fewer rains making the Silicon Valley just a fantastic place to move.

Moving to Silicon Valley makes you interact and work with smart people as the area has moved forward in technological innovation hence making the place an attractive place for working and learning with smart people.

The costs is the most crucial factor you should always consider before moving to Silicon Valley. The area accommodation and living costs has risen higher over time with the fastest moving population growth.

In general, moving to Silicon Valley depends on ones’ decision after visiting all the factors to consider. The cost of moving to Silicon Valley have really risen over years making the first option one should consider before visiting the area.